The Bent County Sheriff's Office

The Bent County Sheriff's Office has four divisions within; Administrative, Patrol, Jail and Dispatch.

The Administrative Division of the Sheriff's Office consists of the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Captain, an Administrative Lieutenant and two Assistants.

This Division oversees the operations of all other Divisions within our Office.

The Patrol Division consists of two Sergeants, two Investigators, and seven Deputy Sheriff's.

They are charged with providing 24 hour Law Enforcement Services to the people of Bent County.

The Jail Division is comprised of a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, two corporals and ten Deputy Sheriff's.

This Division is charged with operations of the Bent County Jail, Inmate transportation services and Courthouse Security.

The Dispatch Division consists of one Sergeant and five Dispatchers.

They provide dispatch services for all emergency agencies in Bent and Kiowa Counties. They also serve as master control for the Jail.

The Sheriff's Posse is comprised of 30 volunteer members from Bent County. The Posse serves as a volunteer service to bridge the relationship between the Sheriff's Office and the Public.

The Bent County Sheriff's Office Special Weapons and Tactics Unit is comprised of POST certified, specialty trained Deputies.

The Bent County Coroner's Office, although a separate Office, is also located in the Bent County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office and Coroner's Office work closely together to best serve the people of Bent County.

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