The Bent County Sheriff's Office

The Bent County Sheriff's Office has four divisions within; Administrative, Patrol, Jail and Dispatch.

The Administrative Division of the Sheriff's Office consists of the Sheriff, Undersheriff and Captain.

This Division oversees the operations of all other Divisions within our Office.

The Patrol Division consists of two Sergeant and eight Deputy Sheriff's.

They are charged with providing 24 hour Law Enforcement Services to the people of Bent County.

The Jail Division consists of two Sergeants and nine Deputy Sheriff's

They runs the day to day operations within the Jail Facility as well as transportation of Inmates to and from the facility.

The Dispatch Division consists of one Sergeant, one corporal and 4 Dispatchers.

They provide dispatch services for all emergency responders in Bent and Kiowa Counties. They also serve as master control for the Jail.

The Bent County Sheriff's Office provides Law Enforcement, Jail and Dispatch Services for all of Bent County. It contacts Law Enforcement Services to the City of Las Animas and the Law Animas School District.

The Sheriff's Office located at 11100 County Road GG.5 also serves as the Coroner Office and houses the Bent County Department of Emergency Management.

The Sheriff's Office strives to have a close working relationship with all other elected Offices throughout the County. As well as neighboring Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Bent County Sheriff's Posse was reformed in January of 2019. Lead by Lieutenant Gregory Gardner, the Posse serves as a Volunteer Service to bridge the relationship between the Sheriff's Office and the Public.