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Due to the great working relationship with our County Commissioners and surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies, in the coming year 2020, we are opening 10 new jobs within the Bent County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2019, the Bent County Sheriff’s Office total revenue was $904,500 while having a $1,902,616 budget; with the previous year’s budgets and revenues being fairly consistent with 2019. In 2020, through contracting inmate beds to other counties and agencies, updating the cost of dispatch services and updating other service contacts, the guaranteed revenue of the Sheriff’s Office will be $1,543,673. We worked with the Commissioner and negotiated a $2,835,022 budget for the Sheriff’s Office for 2020.

The addition of Jail and Dispatch staff begins to address major safety concerns of the facility. Without the staff in 2020, the Bent County Jail could not hold inmates from other counties. This would have resulted in a $400,000 cut to the revenue for the county and potentially put an added burden on the tax payers to run the facility. To put the staffing situation into perspective: the Prowers County, 56 bed, jail 2019 budget was approximately $705,260 for the staff salaries alone. The staff salary for the Bent County Jail was $360,000 and the total Bent County, 52 bed, jail budget was $761,490.

The 2020 revenue includes the city contract of approximately $346,000 and inmate Jail bed contracts for approximately $960,000 due to a 25% increase in the jail capacity. The Jail has the capability and potential in 2021 of $1,078,000 in contracted revenue.


Budget including capital expenditures and emergency repairs: $2,278,952

Budget: $1,902,616

End of year estimate: $2,074,952

Capital expenditures and emergency repairs: $204,000

Revenue: $878,700

Projected Revenue: $904,500

2019 Cost to the County: $1,374,452


Budget including Capital expenditures: $2,835,022

Budget: $2,638,645.44

Projected capital expenditures: $196,377

Projected revenue: $1,543,673

2020 Cost to the County: $1,291,349

Difference from 2019-2020:

Saved $83,103

10 New Jobs Created

2 New Patrol Vehicles

Modernizing Dispatch Center and Equipment

Modernizing the Jail facility

Modernizing Patrol equipment

Much needed Repairs to the Sheriff’s Office and Jail

25% Increase in Jail capacity