Captain Elliott has been with the Bent County Sheriff's Office since April of 2019. He grew up on a ranch just outside of Karval, Colorado and graduated from the Karval High School. In 2016, Elliott graduated from the Otero Junior College Law Enforcement Training Academy.

In 2016, Elliott began his career in Law Enforcement with the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy. Elliott was promoted to Lead Field Training Officer, Lead Arrest Control Instructor and served as the Training Coordinator. In January of 2019, Elliott was appointed Undersheriff of Cheyenne County. During his time at both agencies, Elliott was a member of the 15th Judicial Drug Task Force where he acquired extensive knowledge, training and experience in narcotics investigations and interdiction.

In April of 2019, Elliott was trasfered into the Bent County Sheriff's Office as a an Investigations Corporal. Soon thereafter Elliott was promoted to Sergeant of the Patrol Division. In January of 2020, Elliott was appointed as Captain of the Bent County Sheriff's Office.

Prior to entering the field of Law Enforcement, Sergeant Elliott worked for Burlington Coat Factory in Aurora, Colorado as Loss Prevention and Lead Regional Organized Retail Crime Investigator.

Elliott is an Administrator of the Patrol, Jail, Posse and Dispatch Divisions. He serves as the Training Supervisor, Senior Field Training Officer, and Equipment Technician. He is responsible for overseeing and supervising the All Sheriff's Office Divisions. Elliott is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), has extensive expertise in grant writing, policy writing, training and Investigations.

When not working, Elliott enjoys working on his family ranch. Elliott enjoys activities such as skiing, 4-wheeling, and exploring new things.

2016 - Present