4,467 Calls for Service

3,363 Cases

373 Arrests


717 Inmates Booked

Over 14,600 Inmate Days


13,730 CALLS

Bent County: 9,502
Kiowa County: 4,228


Calls: 605

Volunteer hours: 2,690


The Sheriff's Office started the process of changing our appearance and becoming uniform with our equipment.
The gray uniforms were mostly all tattered and worn out. 13 Badges and 16 patches were available for the 31 employee's of the Sheriff's Office. Most of the staff wore uniforms with holes, missing patches and went without a badge. Some of the Staff wore Uniforms loaned by neighboring agencies.
Deputies were lacking necessary equipment required to do their job, such as flashlights, less lethal weaponry, duty weapons, ammunition, ballistic vests and handcuffs.
In the past most of the uniforms and the equipment was the responsibility of the Deputy to acquire and purchase themselves. This lead to missing or sub-par equipment arising major safety concerns for the Deputies, Inmates and Public.
With this, New shoulder patches, badges and uniforms were rolled out to all staff. New equipment and used donated equipment was issued to all staff. New, non-expired, ballistic vest were purchased for the Deputies to help insure their safety.
The Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the County Commissioners were able to purchase all uniforms and equipment we require of our Deputies to be able to function.


In April, the Bent County Jail Master Control systems throughout the facility completely crashed. All cameras, remote doors and intercoms were not functioning. The system was out of date, no longer supported or serviceable. The Jail key access was limited due nonfunctional locks. The Sheriff's Office was forced to re-key many of the doors in the Facility as well as implement extra staffing measures. Within days of the crash, Our County Commissioners, realizing the significant safety concerns for the Staff and inmates, elected to replace the systems.


In January, the Sheriff's Office learned the Fire suppression system in the Facility was not functioning. Within hours of this information technicians were on site repairing the system. A Fire Inspection was conducted to insure our facility complied with State Law proceeding the repair.


The Bent County Sheriff's Office is monetarily staffed with the 13 Patrol Deputies, 12 Jail Deputies and 6 Dispatchers. On January 8, 2019, the Office was staffed with 3 Patrol Deputies, 9 Jail Deputies and 5 dispatchers. On the 8th we conducted interviews of all existing staff as well as potential employees.
With the help of the Colorado State Patrol, the Weld County Sheriff's Office, the Prowers County Sheriff's Office, the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office and the Otero County Sheriff's Office, over 50 people were interviewed in a day. In the end of 2019, we are staffed with 12 Patrol Deputies, 11 Jail Deputies and 5 Dispatchers. 21 of the Staff started working after January 8, 2019. We require that all Patrol Deputies live in Bent County and of our 28 employee 23 are Bent County residence. With the current inmate capacity of our facility the County Commissioners are taking strides to opened several new positions to elevate some of the pressure on the staff, enhance safety and security.

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